Trigger to (De)Activate Cameras

So I’ve been trying to make this happen with Samsung Smartthings and/or IFTTT but without Alfred integrations, I don’t think it’s going to work. I like that it reminds me to turn the cameras on/ off when I arrive at home, however I’d like to go a step further and automatically trigger it.

This could be done if really easily if Alfred became integrated with either of those systems. Any plans of doing so, or am I missing something that would work as an alternative?



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Hi Pete,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center and providing your feedback!

We are looking into IFTTT, but we can’t promise when that will be a reality just yet! Your advice will be reported to our engineering team.

Feel free to share your other thoughts/feedback with us at any time!

Even if you provided a single toggle to enable and disable all cameras on that account would be helpful. It may just be moved, but did the option for Motion Detection Functionality Reminder go away when you implemented the schedule based feature?

I want to be able to tie the activation and deactivation of all motion detection for all cameras to the mode of my Smartthings Hub, Amazon Echo, Nest, or even Ecobee Thermostat. By Mode, I mean “Day”, “Night”, or “Away”.

If this comes in the form of IFTTT or Android Tasker integration, either is workable by most. Looking forward to watching this system evolve!!

Thanks again!!!


Hey Pete,

Yes, you can schedule Motion Detection now with Alfred Premium!

With Motion Detection Schedule, you can now establish the routine for Motion Detection with a simple set, and it will work automatically. Go to the office and let Alfred look after your house at daytime, or monitor your own store every night and weekend to prevent theft. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn Motion Detection on anymore.

Isn’t that convenient? Try it out now!

Also, we appreciate your feedback and we will look into the possibilities the first chance we get. Please stay tuned!


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