Tricking camera

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—is there a way to fool camera. -------

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Yes you can show it a card trick using slight of hand or try Photoshop. Or you could explain a little more about what you need to achieve please so we could enhance our answer.
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I am also wondering how images can suddenly appear and disappear like small animals that are not there or things of that nature and how do you keep people from tampering with your footage.

Alfreds algorithms seem to be responsible for the objects suddenly appearing. You can protect your footage and devices by setting up the code lock, locking your device and securing your account.
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Well i believe some one was using mirrors and it like like some glasses to make them blend in

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Well it could be that also. But there’s a possibility that your device is near a worm hole with the anomalies that that would present or it could be a door to a vortex or another dimension with objects phasing in and out of space and time like a tear in the very fabric of the universe. Or it could be a software bug. Hard call.
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Well thank you so much for that ever so colorful reply. Just a little back ground FYI. My husband and i are going through a nasty divorce and i believe he found my camera. Its the small things that make me question it. And my sanity. So i do appreciate your comment

At these times we can sometimes read too much in to things. Just look out for yourself and your closest and flip everyone else.
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Thank u. I really do appreciate the encouragement. It’s driving my crazy.