5012 что это


what is the meaning of this message (5012) and what will happen if there is no possibility to update the camera?


Hi @71alex.af,

Thank you for reaching out!

You see 5012 when your Camera is no longer running the latest version:

We would suggest you update it when you can. It won’t stop working immediately, so you have some time. Alternatively, you can update it from your PC:

Hope this helps!


Hi. I tried this way to update the camera, and the 5012-message dissaperd but now I do not receive any image/video. When I access the live-stream I can hear the sound, but no image/video.

Please help me solve this. I can not get my hands on the remote phone/camera the next half year.

Best regards


Hi @bjonnes,

Thank you for reaching back out!

Has this problem persisted? 1458 is actually the version that is not supposed to cause connection issues, and we can’t seem to reproduce this problem with a setup similar to yours.

If you wait a little longer, does the image feed come through?

Keep me posted!


Hi. Thank you for the answear.
Here is the timeline:
I got the message 5012. The phone is set to automatically update the app, but since that did not happend I updated it via google play as you described in this thread. The camera was working before the update (but with 5012). When I updated, the camera went offline before it went online again. After it went online I can see the battery-status and hear the sound - but no image or video. It has no effect switching between front and rear-camera.
After a while waiting and hearing the sound from the camera, it tells me “Uh-oh! Connection is currently unavailable. Please make sure you are connected and try again. (7001).”

As I wrote I know I am connected because I can hear sound and see the battery-status.

I really hope there is a way to get the camera online again as I’m unable to reach the phone physically for the next 5-6 months.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi @bjonnes,

Thank you so much for the reply.

Have you tried to connect your Viewer to different networks to see if that changes anything? It seems like your Camera is online, and the problem is probably not caused by the update. We just can’t spot anything unusual in your connection logs for the moment.

Keep me posted!


I have tried to connect my viewer to many different networks - both 4G and wifi - no image/video. The same problem occurs when I’m using the webviewer on a computer.

I’m sure that this has to do with the update. As I wrote: The camera was working perfect, I got 5012 but the camera was still working perfect, I updated via google play, the camera went offline for ca a minute, the camera went online again - but with no image/video.
I do not know what access you can gain to the camera, but is there a way that I can give you more premissions so that you can experience the same thing that I do?

Best regards


Hi @bjonnes,

Thank you for reaching back out.

We took another look at the situation, but we can’t really come up with a possible reason or solution for the moment.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. We have no access to your Camera (because it is protected by your password), and there is no trouble-shooting we can do because we have no physical access to the device.

I am keeping my fingers crossed the problem will resolve itself like connectivity problems sometimes do.


Is there any way I can remote reboot, restart program, reinstall, downgrade or in any way reinitiate the app?
Do you know when the next update is scheduled? Can an upgrade solve the problem because it will restart the app?

Best regards


Hi @bjonnes,

There are apps that allow you to remotely reboot a device, but if you don’t have one on the Camera Phone for the moment, I am not sure if you can remotely install one. Moreover, for this to work, Alfred’s Launch at Reboot option has to be enabled from the Camera device.

We are working on a new update, but it is too soon to tell when it will be available, and I can’t promise updating the Camera remotely when that happens will solve this problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.