Top 5 tips to make the most out of outdoor security cameras

When it comes to outdoor security cameras people want to know about how to keep bust from their security cameras, how to protect their security cameras from elements such as rain and how to protect their security cameras from theft or damage.

  1. How to stop an outdoor security camera from being stolen, vandalized or blinded: Outside security cameras are vulnerable to theft and vandalism as shrewd and unauthorized individuals might want to cover their tracks. To prevent an outdoor security camera form being stolen you have to place it out of arm’s reach for example on a wall, the overhang of the roof or a secure mount.
    You can use a camera metal housing to protect your camera. You can use spray paint to hide your outdoor security camera like the Reolink RLC-423 PTZ outdoor camera. You can also use skins or camouflages to cover your outdoor security cameras like the Reolink Argus 2.
  2. How to protect your outdoor security camera from weather conditions and elements: It is important that you protect your outdoor security camera from the elements and weather conditions as your outdoor security camera will not function properly if you do not protect it.
    You have to check your hidden cameras or motion activated hidden cameras to know if they can withstand the elements. You can also get a security camera rain cover, housing, box or enclosure to protect your outdoor security cameras from dust, snow, heat, rainwater and other elements. Make sure your outdoor security system is grounded properly so it will be able to redirect lightning current into the ground. You can avoid mounting your outdoor security camera on a metal pole and you can use lightning surge protectors.
  3. How to keep webs, insects and bugs away from your outdoor security cameras: Outdoor security cameras such as spy cams sometimes attract bugs and insects over time. Sometimes they are covered by spider webs and cobwebs which can trigger false alerts.
    To keep insects and bugs from your outdoor security camera you can use bugs spray or insecticides and you can turn off your infrared LEDs. Cleaning the camera exterior regularly with a bristle brush will help you keep your outdoor security camera clean.
  4. How to deal with outdoor security camera light reflection and infrared glare: When an outdoor security camera is pointed at reflective surfaces such as water, car windows or glass panels, it will cause lens glare and it will obstruct viewing.
    To prevent infrared flare and reflection of light it is important that you adjust your outdoor security camera or hidden camera viewing angle away from reflective objects. You can also use external infrared illuminator or anti-glare film for windows.
  5. How to prevent your outdoor security camera from being hacked: Outdoor security camera can be hacked by unauthorized persons. To prevent your outdoor security camera from being hacked you have to make sure your network is protected, you have to change your passwords frequently and you have to update your security camera firmware regularly.

To make the most out of your outdoor security cameras you have to:

  1. Learn the ins and outs of your outdoor security camera. You have to know about the different features of the security camera.
  2. Get a mobile app as it will give you around the clock access to your outdoor security camera.
  3. Register for text and email alerts: When motion is detected at your house; text and email alerts can notify you right away and you will be able to watch footage immediately on your mobile app.