Too much spam, you need moderators or more active admins

This forum has become a breeding ground for spam. You need more policing of the forums. Completely out of control.


Please help us flag the spam posts and we will take actions as soon as possible! :triangular_flag_on_post: Thank you!


Guess I’m not sure who you think I am this is my account and I’m just now using it today and it seems like there’s a lot of activity on here that I needed to be aware of

I need help understanding what I’m needing to do. On order to get my free quality Alfredo home security. I’m also getting false images of sexual activities of my wife cheating. While i am not at home. Why am I getting these false images on my viewer from my camera? Please help me with this issue.

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If you’re asking me I’d say if there’s a picture she’s probably doing it and that’s all I know and will be divorced and move on cuz I just found this profile tonight and everybody’s asking me stuff and I don’t know nothing about it so sorry I can’t help you sound somewhere to my issue and I’m dealing with it Life goes on

You can use a security camera in your home entry point then you will be clear who into your home and out.
Then you will understand who into your home.
Another option
You can keep a camera your bedroom you can control from your phone live when you will see something is wrong you will be back your home as soon as possible and catch them.
You will find a secret :face_with_monocle: camera that you can control by your phone.
You can search small secret camera and see the output
Do you understand? :clap:

I see so many flagged posts and they still show up for days and days. Needs more police on the job :point_left:

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