To Reduce Disconnection Issues for iOS Cameras: Enable "Guided Access"



Has your Alfred ever been dismissed because of notifications from other apps? Guided Access for iOS is the solution!

Protecting Your Family Can Be This Easy!

What is Guided Access?

Guided Access temporarily restricts your device to running one single app. The device wouldn’t react to anything, including pop-up notifications from other apps, or even you (or someone else. Think about your kid’s lil nimble fingers, cat’s paws, or dog’s nose) accidentally touching the screen/Home button.

Why should you enable Guided Access on your Camera device?

Not only does Alfred need constant access to the device’s cameras, he also needs your device to focus. Notifications from other apps could distract your device and disconnect your Camera, which could lead to Alfred crashing (especially because most Camera Phones are old phones. You absolutely do not want especially if you are thousands of miles away!

Here is how you enable Guided Access…

Step 1: Let us show you how!

Step 2: go to General

Step 3: go to Accessibility

Step 4: go to Guided Access

Step 5: enable (1) Guided Access (2)Accessibility Shortcut and (3)Mirror Display Auto-Lock

See the screenshot here


Step 6: go to Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock, and change the screen-off time to NEVER

See the screenshot here


Step 7: triple-click the Home key

Step 8: tapping Start on the upper right corner

Step 9: set a passcode. You will need this passcode when you enable/disable Guided Access

Step 10: you’re all set! Alfred will be running smooth as silk on your Camera device!

If you have an Android Camera, please activate Alfred’s Passcode Lock feature. We would also like to remind you again NOT to press the power/home key after locking your screen. That could cause a world of problems!

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Guided Access mode is great for using camera



Good idea❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I would like to understand how I can lock my old iPhone?
When Alfred is active anyone can access the phone simply by pressing and holding the screen. How do I lock the iPhone completely when Alfred is active?


Hi @hjmolenkamp,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please enable Guided Access on your Camera Phone:

Once Guided Access has been enabled, Alfred will also lock the menu so no navigation is possible.

Give this a go and let us know if it helps!


Thank’s much for your quick reply!
But do I understand correctly that even when enabling Guided Access, one can still access the Alfred app. In other words, one can see that the camera is on and what recordings have been made?


Hi @hjmolenkamp,

Thanks for reaching out!

Guided access can help you lock the screen with password and keep the Alfred stable from interrupting by other events. People could know the camera is on but they are not able to turn Alfred off unless they have your password to unlock the screen.

Hope it helps!


You asked how to,lock your phone while the camera is actave? Simple… enable phone lock on your camera device … while u have Alfred running on your camera device… push power button to shut off screen… now someone needs a pass code to use your device… ( also Alfred offeres a alternative way to lock your device while it’s being used… read through the options I’ll figure it,out quick… I did in a day


Nice! I was concerned about that so before I found this easy way to handle all of that it literally had to manually muffle, silence, and just literally shut these phones down! Now I can turn the volume buttons back up and get back to surveilling! Awesome tip guys! And thank u for what it’s worth!


Set up a code or lock with your phone with a passcode. DUH

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