Tired of Waiting? Introducing Viewer Priority for Alfred Android

If you share the account or have someone in your Trust Circle, you have probably seen Status Code 1016 as someone is still connected to the Camera. Up until now you could only patiently wait for your turn.

Protecting Your Family Can Be This Easy!

Starting from Alfred for Android version 3.10.26, you can make your own choice including starting live streaming straightaway! This is made possible by a new feature called “Viewer Priority”.

Where can I find the settings and what the options do I have?

Viewer Priority settings can be found under the new Connection category:

And at this point of time we have three different options for you to choose from:

1. Always accept

This is the new default setting. When an incoming Viewer attempts to connect to an occupied Camera, this option will accept the incoming Viewer and terminate the current viewing session.

2. Owner first

This option gives Camera owner’s Viewer priority.

In both of the scenarios above, the existing Viewer will see:

3. Always reject

This option rejects the connection attempt from the incoming Viewer when the Camera access is occupied.

This is what the incoming Viewer will see:

Viewer Priority Q&A:

1) Why am I still told to wait 20 seconds?

If one of your devices has not been updated to Alfred for Android 3.10.26 or if it is an iOS device, the incoming Viewer will get status code 1016.

2) I can’t seem to change the settings. What can I do?

There are two possibilities. If you see this message, Alfred needs to be updated on the Camera Phone:

If you see this message, it means your Camera is an iOS device. For the moment, only the Android version supports Viewer Priority:

How can I change Viewer name?

To make Viewers more distinguishable, we have made it possible to change Viewer name by adding the option to the General category:

What is coming up

An “Notify” option will become available in the near future. The existing Viewer will be given the option to either terminate the current viewing session for the incoming Viewer to connect, or continue to watch live feed. Adding Viewer Priority to the iOS version is also on our to-do list!

How can I optimize Viewer Priority for my use case?

  1. Baby/nanny cam

Many new parents share Camera access. To make sure both are able to stream live feed whenever they want, Always Accept might be a better option. If the grandparents are added to the Trust Circle, try Owner First.

New moms are always anxious to go back to work. Either they have to find a daycare, hire a certified nanny, or ask their in-laws for help. Still, it is difficult to ease the separation anxiety because they can’t see the baby. With Alfred, you can check in with the nanny, tell her where to find something or if you are running late all while you are working. You can say hi to your baby to reinforce attachment parenting, bonding, and trust.

  1. Pet cam

If all family members want to check in on the pet during the day, Always Accept would be ideal.

First-time pet owners might have quite some items to buy, including crate, litter box, and harness, but Petcube or Furbo doesn’t have to be on the list. You can use Alfred to ease your pet’s separation anxiety or compulsive behavior, break up fights in multi-pet households, stop your puppy from barking, chewing, or digging, prevent your pet from ingesting toxic food, or correct your cat when you catch it clawing or scratching your furniture. Rather than punishing your pet after the fact, buying anti-chew spray, or having to deal with the consequences of a misbehaving pet, Alfred allows you to use the walkie-talkie to sooth an anxious pet as well as helping you with housetraining and litter box training. If you are working, traveling, or running errands, you might have to send your pet to puppy daycare, hire a cat sitter, dog walker, or board your kitty. How do you know if you can trust the pet care providers in your area? How do you know if pet sitter follows your instructions? Set Alfred up so you can see and talk to your pet or pet sitter anytime!

  1. Home security cam

To make sure you can stream live feed and keep an eye on the situation should any arise, stick to Always Reject.

Besides the capacity of streaming live feed of your home, Alfred keeps you updated on what is going on in your home with motion sensor and instant alerts. If you see an intruder, you can scare him away by speaking through the walkie-talkie and immediately notify the local authorities. The videos are kept safe in the free cloud storage, and they can be saved or downloaded as evidence to help identify the suspect. Alfred is an essential component of any home improvement project if you are interested in building a smart home or experimenting with voice assistants such as Google Assistant.

Wanna try out DIY home security? Here’s why you should!

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred: