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There are many things involved in the recording process;

  • Use 2 Cameras minimum, 1 viewing movement from Left and 1 from Right…
  • Add more for Redundancy
  • Detection Sensitivity must be set to High, Never anything else
  • Location, location, location… Location setup is critical to proper recording
  • Night Time use a Flood Light aimed (Need Sensor Light set on TEST MODE)
  • If desiring longer detection, Set Flood sensor light to 2 min instead of Test Mode
  • You know you got too much light when your auto light sensor stays in day mode, not a bad thing necessarily if you can make it bright enough picture is better in day mode.
  • Flip Camera sideways, the trigger view is much wider Left to Right

Picture a + sign…

  • if you want to record movement coming down the road you want up and down trigger for longer view of detection leave phone normal flip,
  • if you want to record the movement coming into driveway and not down the road as much, then you want Left to Right trigger for longer view sideways.

If you get the right setup, ALFRED is ALMOST FLAWLESS

  • ALFRED needs to see something from wider/longer distance coming in.
  • ALFRED likes Shinny objects, sensor lights, USB light-strips, etc… as triggers
  • ALFRED needs lots of light at night, your phone does not have true night vision
  • ALFRED is very phone specific, each phone has better or less quality viewing and processing power, hence some phones trigger better than others and maintain network connection unhindered usually.
  • ALFRED needs uninterrupted network, many things are possible here

In the case of disconnections

  • People normally use internet and things buffer and you don’t realize intermittent internet, updates from the ISP side, IP conflicts when new device logs onto WiFi, Noise on your line, Construction work, Peak Hours for ISP, etc… Alfred may be intermittent for some of these reasons or more. I would suggest calling your ISP service to view any disconnections in the log or login to your modem or router and view logs yourself or get a Computer Systems Technologist like me to use teamviewer to look at other possible issues with internet in this scenario.

Might I suggest too that maybe you use ALFRED in live feed, and record your device

iOS screen recorder:
Android screen recorder:


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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed. I live in a high-rise apartment building and people are putting dents and scratches on my car, out of spite and jealousy. I will comment when I get it setup.






This is something that I can get my hands on.
Awesome tip’s and tricks.