Tips for Making Alfred Works on Your Huawei Device



You have a Huawei device, and you are thrilled with it. But wait, why are you experiencing issues running Alfred on it? Don’t worry, most of them can be fixed and we’ll tell you how!

The connection is restricted or even cut when Alfred is stopped by the system power-saving mode.

Set Alfred as a protected app.

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Tap Battery Manager or Power Saving
  3. Click on the “Protected apps”
  4. Select Alfred and make him keep running when the screen turns off.

You can’t receive Motion Detection, Motion Detection Reminder, or battery push notifications when Alfred is not running in the background.

Lock Alfred in the background- Launch Alfred, enter the background page, press and pull the Alfred image down, then you can see the Lock icon appear on the upper right corner

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開啟阿福管家 進入背景頁面 將阿福管家圖示往下拉 待右上角出現鎖頭標誌後即設定完成


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Yo creo que no se puede verdad porque he intentado mucho y no me da.



Could you tell us a bit more about the problem so we can look into it for you? Screenshot or videos can be really helpful.

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Como hago para bloquear en el fondo a alfred en mi huawei.por favor tutorial



Please modify the settings following the instructions in the link:

Let us know if it helps!