Tips for Making Alfred Work on Your Xiaomi Device



You have a Xiaomi device, and you are thrilled with it. But wait, why are you experiencing issues running Alfred on it? Don’t worry, most of them can be fixed and we’ll tell you how!

Problem: the Camera can’t be woken up.
Fix: go to Security -> Permissions -> Autostart-> enable Alfred

Problem: the Camera Phone kills Alfred off
Fix: update MIUI to 8.2

Problem: you can’t receive Motion Detection, Motion Detection Reminder, or battery push notifications when Alfred is not running in the background.
Fix: Lock Alfred in the background & disable power-saving mode when Alfred is running in the background from the system setting.

Problem: login issues
Fix: please try the following steps:
Clean Google Play Services cache/data
Clean Google Play Framework cache
Remove google account
Reboot your device
update Google Play Services

Problem: the UPGRADE button leads nowhere
Fix: update Android System Webview and Chrome

Let us know if this helps!

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Unable to detect motion
Push notification
I can't get notifications on my smartphone, but I can get them on the WebApp
Push notification
Detección de movimiento en plus Alfred



解法:安全中心 -> 授權管理 -> 自動啟動 -> 允許Alfred

Fix:將 MIUI 升級到 8.2


清除Google Play Services 的快取記憶/資料
清除Google Play Framework的快取記憶
更新 Google Play Services

問題:無法順利升級為Alfred Premium
解法:升級 Android System Webview 和 Chrome


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En mi xiaomi Mi Max 2 me va todo perfecto, nunca he tenido problemas con Alfred, desde el primer momento me ha funcionado correctamente.


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