This app is my new best friend

I breed Bullmastiffs and I had one died from her mother shifting position and suffocate her while I was in the next room. After that i googled the top 10 webcams and Alfred came up with the best reviews.
With very easy instuctions and a lot of duct tape i quickly could my puppies!
I gave my daughter access so she could peek at them when she was bored at her job :slight_smile:
A couple of days later, I get a text saying a puppy was stuck again under the mom. I quickly went into the room and moved the puppy to safety. Then i thought, OMG THIS APP JUST SAVED MY PUPPY’S LIFE!!!
I was simply amazed at how great this app was.the very day i get another text from her while i was upstairs asking me why a puppy was crying…once again i flew downstairs and moved the puppy who thought he was stuck against the railings in the box. This time i told my daughter I’ve got to let you know what a great app this is!