There is a Problem Parsing the Package


Hi @d.ilic84,

Thank you for reaching out!

First thing first: there is no known issues with 1456 or Android 4. Can you change settings on your other Cameras successfully from the WebViewer?

I actually can’t see the second part of your second problem. Would you mind posting it again so I can look into it for you?

Keep me posted!


It seems a restart of the phone that had the issues solved it.


Hi @ivan.ivanovski,

Great news: we now have a static link for all our upcoming releases:

Hope this helps!


Hi @ivan.ivanovski,

I’m just saying a quick hello and letting you know the link has been moved in the meantime. Please follow this one for all your future updates instead:

Hope this helps!


Apk is not completely downloaded or corrupted, the device is not compatible with the application, etc. This may cause this “There is a Problem Parsing the Package” error, I have encountered it. Enabling application installation from other sources, turning on USB debugging, resetting Android devices to factory settings, etc. can solve this problem.


Why not set up an F-Droid repository?