Thanks to Alfred I caught my cheating husband

Very very true pinkylee020.
It is sad to get word of someone in pain regardless of the details we don’t know though.


Thanks to Alfred I lose a lot of weight walking around the garden upgrading Alfred :grin:


What a dumb hass! To lose a faithful wife that is ABSOLUTELY DROP DEAD GORGEOUS like you are just shows how stupid he is!!! It’s his loss Theresa4815 ! Always been the same for me too. It’s hard as hell to love somebody and then find out their cheating on you. If you end up reading this theresa4815 message me back if you want to chat sometime. It would be my pleasure to talk to a faithful women! If not I still wish you the best hun.


De que trata el esta aplicación por si me pued
en explicar para que sirve


Don’t waste your time hun


Wow que mal… how are you?

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:slightly_smiling_face: Hello hope everything good now


So I need help catching my cheating husband. Anyone want to stay up late and watch my camera s ?


Because there are tenants laws here in the States and Squatters rights that need a legal trail of procedures to LEGALLY EVICT said resident
Stupid America…:roll_eyes:

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WOW :open_mouth:
Excellent but how can you do it please share with me.
I am very happy that you are safe now. Very helpful Alfred now I understand.
Rosa Walton


Yep I’m up most of the Only sleep about 4 or 5 hours

I still want to watch your cameras just because I am voyeuristic.

Hi Beautiful, now that you are on your way to being single, how about we celebrate? If your missing those times when you fed the one eyed python, I have great news for you…I happen to have one and boy is he hungry!

I also cuought my cheating wife

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Thsts Crazy buy good for🤣Damn son you

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I’ve caught a couple bf’s doing scandalous stuff and they both denied it, wish you better luck

Pray tell more don’t keep us in suspense

HOPEFULLY, your video was able to get you some or all of the nice little property rights in the settlement :sunglasses:

Cheating persons You must live imidately… no one more chanse … remember this …