Thanks to Alfred I caught my cheating husband


Yes bitch so I’m not a stalker u jus hlwalked up in my house n all that Apple ID u did and all the payments on my card it’s fraud!


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PinkyLee020 yes having a security camera app will stop the husbands from cheating… LoL It will only stop him from boinking the new girlfriend in front of the camera but instead take her to the kitchen or bathroom and boink her… Wow brilliant answer to the problem.


chipfryer you are dealing with a crowd of individuals that done even know what a composer is let alone Offenbach or what Bach means… You are preaching to the Choir…


Frady no flirting she isn’t interested and did you ever think she is the nightmare stop thinking with the little head… Some woman only stick around to milk a man and wont leave till the get the proof they want to clean his bank account on the way out. Even though they have known the relationship has been over for years.


Well dig in a garbage can get garbage… Yet woman like yourself complain they found garbage while they dig in a garbage can. They also do not want something clean cut either because thats boring. So who really is a problem sweetie…


@viscara like I said, there’s no good excuse for bad behaviour. Have you anything constructive to add ?


I think you should take your own advice when it comes to having anything constructive to add… considering your advice was pretty useless…


Hi there I also did caught a cheating girlfriend long time ago with CCTV camera’s (hide them so nicely and concealed) did not know about Alfred’s Camera app at that time,where 19 years ago,i caught them ( my x girlfriend and the guy who she was cheating me with)


As per previous. Have you anything constructive to add ?


Seriously write a sentence that makes sense…


You must be hard of hearing also as I already gave you the answer above. You must not be the sharpest pencil in the box…


You have been very efficient at disregarding other people’s opinions to the point of being rude and offensive but you have offered nothing of value to substantiate your presence.


That’s like really Dumb


@placencialorita welcome to the forum. That happens sometimes. Just got to ignore some people’s ignorance and lack of morality. Even humour is a stretch for some people.


Excellent i love how it works we on my HTC phone