Thanks to Alfred I caught my cheating husband


I sorry that was hold he miss out because u look so dam cute


are you still with her ???


Hells nah. I got rid of her as soon as i was able to get my stuff back from her house


oh good to hear hahhhahaahaha ok mate cya


mzdaizy17 <<<<< Get a restraining order and a handgun with a concealed carry permit.

Don’t forget the concealed carry insurance! That way if the unthinkable happens, and you need to shoot him in self defence, they will get you a good lawyer (not court appointed) if the state tries to prosecute you illegally.


And hmmmm

Well I can say without doubt, that alfred proved how hard I work when I’m at the house.
See? We’re not all that bad!


It’s hard to believe yr husband/wife when they have done you wrong. I recently got my wife bring some junkie in to our house and then it shows them going into my bedroom and when I went to view live I could hear them .it made me sick and angry no used the walkie button and started yelling at them it got very quiet and I even got to find out who it was great full for this app sorry to hear that your husband is a dirty whore flucker I’ll treat you right sexzy momma



Wow, that’s crazy. I’ve heard of it and I’ve caught one a time or two


Well I’d hope you are out of that situation by now. However, if not. If a verbal request to leave wont get him to leave. Go the legal route and evict his ass. Most states require a 30 day notice. You can probably hop on Google and find an eviction notice template if you haven’t written or don’t feel comfortable with writing one yourself. Keep it professional, dont add reasons or personal feelings or emotions in it. Make a copy for yourself. Then swing by your bank and have it notarized. Only cost a few bucks. Only needs your signature, doesn’t really matter if he signs it or not but seems like he is the lazy bum/free loader kinda guy so he will probably refuse to sign it to begin with. Once you make that move he will not have a choice but to go because at that point its considered trespassing and if you have backbone enough you can have the police remove him and gives you grounds to have restraining orders against him for you, your family, and property. Goodness that was a lot but hopefully helps someone here! Lol


I’ll get him out for u


U need a man to make u feel special i got u


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how do? some of these plp crack me up spying on there “loved” ones cheating on them and i cought them thx to Alferd. well if you just cought her now think about what the slut has done without you kn owing.


Yeah, sad but true. Shouldn’t need an app however when you love someone most folks really want to be wrong about suspicions. I admit I had BF once I suspected but it turned out he was taking a college class that he was embarrassed of (dunno why he was embarrassed).


I have come a long way with my husband and i felt my husband had been cheating on me due to his attitude towards me then i came contacted with who hacked into his email and found out he was dating another woman


Well done sweetheart. We arnt all bad though. X


Hmmmm…caught my girl cheating with & without ALFRED…here’s my reply to the comment by Pinky…
" Women…can’t live with 'em …can’t kill 'em…". . lol…


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Pudransealaverga! It’s funny que no dan la puta cara Pedro mas pronto secret ba a podrir :slight_smile: