Thanks to Alfred I caught my cheating husband


I caught my cheating husband entertaining a who’re in our bedroom on Xmas eve while I was out of town for the holiday. I got to see and hear everything that was said and done. He couldn’t deny any of it. For new years eve I handed him our divorce papers. thank you Alfred


I hope you have repaid Alfred with purchasing a subscription. That must have been very hard for you I couldn’t imagine watching something like that in 30 second clips.


Perhaps, now this is just a thought here, but perhaps he cheated on you because you were gone all the time. You know xmas eve etc etc. Im not excusing cheating trust me. i just caught my gf cheating using audio i wish i had discovered this app cuz the bitch still tries to deny its her due to not having video footage lol.


There’s never a good reason for bad behaviour only bad excuses but there’s always a good reason to use your Alfred app. Discreet placement of your device may catch wrong doings but place it in a highly visible area and then this might discouraged the wrong doings from happening.



O. M. G. I luv it. Great story. Tryng 2 get the solid proof ive been needing 2 get my bf outta my house. So i downloaded Alfred & now im hoping 2 get the solid proof and evidence i need, that he wont be able 2 deny.


@mzdaizy17 am I missing something but if it’s like that why don’t you just eject them now ? Before the serious damage is done ?


Offenbach? I don’t understand. Plz explain.


@megshouse2012 I don’t think anyone understands !


Offenbach: Means German composer now French. Basically means ‘bring out the violins’.
If you know English humour.

Odd choice though!!!
I prefer the cello.

Bit deep, but that’s what I get from it.



Trust Chippy to bring some class to the party :grin:


Refuses 2 leave. Ive tried everything. Locked him out. Packed his truck with his shit 4 him. Nothing worked.


@mzdaizy17 men Huh can’t live with them can’t live with them…


Sweetie if he cheated on someone as fine as you he’s a few marbles short anyway.


I’ll do it for you.:face_with_head_bandage:


I need it for the same reason. I’ve had proof of previous cheating and he’s on his last chance. I need proof that he’s changed…got that gut feeling again. So…I’m gonna try to figure all this out and give myself some peace of mind. If I catch him again, it will be divorce papers for mine too.


It was supposed to read gut feelings…not guy feelings. So don’t think I’ll be viewing your naked photos any time soon. LOL


@cslater4201 just hide the camera device in plain sight. But make sure you lock it with a code ect. So that after he’s finished tampering with anything else he doesn’t tamper with your phone.


:roll_eyes: men suck! jk but really!


@tanyadews It’s one of our main attributes, that and fixing things. That’s all we do. Jk but really.