Thank You "Team Alfred"!

I live in Lake County, California – which is currently beseiged by the Mendocino Complex Fire. Due to this major wildfire, I was forced to evacuate my home. I have 6 cats, but was initially only able to evacuate 4 of them. The remaining 2 hid, and I had no time to search for them.
Thanks to Alfred, I was able to check on my home daily. My camera is in my carport, and my cats were in the house, so I couldn’t see them. But just being able to visually confirm that my house was still standing, untouched by fire, gave me such peace of mind. I knew my cats were safe. I also knew when Animal Control, whom I called to check on my cats since I couldn’t, came to my house. Additionally, I was able to assure my evacuated neighbors that (despite all rumors) the fire had not reached our street. Being able to see, and share, images of my untouched-by-fire house has made a huge difference to so many people.
I talked to a lot of people at the evac shelter, told them about Alfred, and shared my live videos. Almost every person said they would definitely check into this.
Thank you for providing such an amazing service! You really came through in a time of great need. I was away from home, and – thanks to Alfred – was still able to make sure my home was still there.
Thank you Team Alfred!


@frndlyghost2 may God keep you safe, I am impressed with the fact that not only was Alfred able to keep you reassured but also knowing that Alfred relies on an internet connection and electricity, if you lose your Alfred connection you still should not fear the worse. Regards.


Yep, I was also able to confirm that my street still had internet and electricity. This was very reassuring not only to me, but to other evacuees who lived near me.


Hi Elaine,

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

We’re sorry to hear about what’s happening in California. Hope everything gets better soon.

Alfred is honored to be able to help under the circumstances. We’d love to dig out more about this story so that we can think about what assistance Alfred could provide in times of crisis.

Would you like to tell us more about your cats, house, and neighborhood? We’re also interested in how you set up Alfred, and how you use it in your daily life. It would be great if you could post some pictures or videos!

Please let us know if you’re willing to share!


thank you so much for all your services that you provide Alfred and the team members that go with it. I wish to keep continue the service because it helps me a great deal thank you so much.

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it does keep you safe doesn’t it. I use it all the time when I go away to classes. Sometimes I just want to check and see if anybody is coming in and taking my stuff. Because I have a lot of nice things. Thank you Alfred and thank you for your post Pinky Lee