Thank you Alfred! I caught my prowler!


I have had someone coming onto my property for MONTHS now. And no matter how late I stayed up or what I did I could never catch him. It was obvious he was watching the house.
I installed ALFRED on Thursday and popped my old phone on my windowsill.
On Saturday I happened to glance at my Laptop while the kids and I were watching TV - and THERE HE WAS on my front porch!
End result: The creep has been identified and spoken to by the Police.

Thank you ALFRED!!! I can finally have some peace of mind and some sleep!

This is the best APP EVER!!!


Hey @bllcrtz,

Wow, thank you so much for downloading Alfred and sharing the story! We are so glad Alfred helped you get the prowler!

Sounds like you monitored your Camera device with Alfred’s WebViewer: that’s awesome! Just in case anything similar ever happens again (fingers crossed it won’t), an even better way to nail the person would be downloading Alfred to a second mobile device (phone or tablet) and enabling Motion Detection as well as notifications:

That way, Alfred will automatically capture video clips (Events). You can save your Events like this in case you need to present evidence:

Do you think you’ll keep using Alfred to safeguard your property? We certainly hope so!