System keeps thinking I'm leaving the house, and asking if I want to turn on cameras, even when its lying flay on the table in the house



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Which device has the problem? Viewer
Device Model Name:
OS Version: Android
AppVersion: 3.10.16 build 1492

System keeps thinking I’m leaving the house, and asking if I want to turn on cameras, even when its lying flat on the table in the house.

I can’t figure out how to turn that off. (Notifications are turned off in the app.) Also, I’d like a simple one-‘button’ (widget?) that would simply change all camera states - motions detection on/off.

thanks, jf

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Hi @friedsonjm,

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Do you have multiple routers in your house? This sounds like your Viewer and Camera are on different subnets. If you don’t want to be reminded, you could switch Motion Detection Reminder off:

Do you happen to use Google Assistant? While there is no widget to turn Motion Detection off for all the Cameras for the moment, you can do this with Google Assistant!

Please find out how here and let me know if this helps!


How about a list of what commands I can use with Google assistant?


Hi @friedsonjm,

Once you have linked Alfred to Google Assistant, you can launch Google Assistant and say:

“Talk to Alfred Camera.”

Alfred will greet you and ask what he can do. Some examples of what you can ask include:

“Turn on Motion Detection.”
“Disable Motion Detection.”
“Arm Motion Detection.”

You can also streamline the process by telling Google Assistant what to do in a single sentence, for example:

"Ask Alfred Camera to disarm Motion Detection.“
"Ask Alfred Camera to enable Motion Detection.”

Give this a go and let me know how it works for you!