Swollen Battery killed my phone

To whom it may it may concern:
I am a diehard user of Alfred and its services, I love their product and I am a premium member. This needs brought up for discussion. I have a Blu Studio phone that Ive been using as one of my cameras on Alfred. It has a 5000 mAh battery in side of it. For the last two years its been inside a small cardboard box on top of my freezer on my covered back porch. I have updated it when requested and its been great security and peace of mind for it watches 3 doors and the gate to my place. It stays plugged in around the clock. I have recently been disconnected to this phone a couple times so i brought it down to inspect what could be the problem. What i found was my phone on the verge of exploding. The battery was so swollen it was destroying the rest of the phone. It had pushed the whole screen out from the rest of the body and popped some of the tabs holding the back cover on. I decided to unplug it then. It still works even being separated like it was. I was godsmacked in amazement. I dont believe Ill use this phone any more. It is pretty well ruined. Has anybody else had this issue?

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