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Anyone interested in sharing moments pm us. We have hours


Not to sound rude but it Depends what you guys look like…


Ditto we feel the same way but most of ours are wife Solo or a little assisted.


Send us a couple well swap what do we have to lose…? What race are you?


We are only interested if your White…Not to be rude just being honest


Damn that leaves me out then, I’m kinda a pinkish colour.with one brown arm. Truckers suntan.


Lol well I’m kind of a mixed mutt. But wife is more native American and Caucasian.


The flavor of us all shouldn’t matter. Being voyeuristic exhibitionest. Is all about being a fly on the wall. It’s just fun n games.


This is kinda hard to respond too, infact I wasn’t going to bother and perhaps I shouldn’t but anyhoo.
It’s kinda like saying that you hate puppies.
Go figure.
Good day


Pinky I agree. We all have our own taste and attractions, but I’ve never really understood how to be racist. I personally am multi racial. Truly like most of north America we are from all over the planet and we been making babies with everybody.


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