Surveillance in Your Pocket


If you search for “roommate theft,” you’ll find plenty of uncomfortable stories, tips for confronting the light-fingered roommates, as well as advice such as getting a lock on the door (provided it does not violate the terms of the lease). What if you can prevent it for free with an old phone?

Superhero A shared his story with us:

I am a college student and I shared an apartment with a couple of roommates. I have a credit card but I don’t always carry it with me. My roommates seem like decent people, so I sometimes left my card on my desk without a second thought.

In the beginning I didn’t even notice anything strange. I paid my credit card bills as they came. The amounts didn’t alarm me. It wasn’t until one of my roommates had moved out that I received a shocking bill with a several-hundred-dollar purchase.

As it turned out, that roommate must have entered my room one day when I wasn’t around, took my credit card, and tied it to his PayPal account. He spent small amounts for months without being detected. Right before he moved out, he went to town with my credit card!

The situation was ugly, and it was a lot of hassle to resolve. I learnt a valuable lesson. I ended up finding Alfred (available on both Android and iOS), downloaded it on an old phone, and set it up to watch my room when I am not around. Alfred requires no installation, is free to use, captures movement, and I can safeguard the account with Passcode Lock. I recommend this to all college students or anyone who has roommates!

Have you been through anything like this? Do you have any tips for preventing roommate theft?

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