Suggestion for enhanced feature


I would like to take the opportunity to suggest an enhancement of the smart motion detection reminder feature. IT would be nice if one could choose to automate it, instead of asking everytime I leave/return home if I want to enable/disable motion detection.

Also the possibility to enable automatic flashlight on detected movement when the low light filer is enabled would be a good combination, the flashlight often enhances the low light filter!


Hi @d.ilic84,

Thank you for reaching out!

We have been discussing the pros and cons of making Alfred turn Motion Detection on/off automatically based on if the Viewer shares the same network with the Camera. The flashlight idea however, might not be implemented because we can’t know how often any Camera’s Motion Detection might be triggered. Having the flashlight automatically turned on very often is not the best for the device.

Hope this helps!


I see. I still think both options should be available in the settings.
Even if it’s not good for devices with many motion detections, I still think it’s viable because it would only probably happen during night (low light filter + flashlight + movement) and it really improves the quality (low light filter alone works bad if its very dark). You could make a popup warning when enabling that option? It should be an option for every user.

Also, a main switch on/off for motion detection in the viewer app should be implemented. Now if one leaves the house and the auto reminder doesn’t notify for some reason, or you dismiss the notification, you have to manually go through each camera and enable it. So there should be an setting so you could disable/enable motion detection on all cameras at the same time (like the main notification setting).

Another thing you could think of is implementing a location aware motion detection. Wifi is OK, but in my specific case when I reach the front door at home and the phone connects it adds an 30-60 seconds more until the notification is actually sent. Then it’s often too late, I have entered the house and the motion detection activates and both my and my wifes phone goes crazy… :slight_smile:
Therefore, if you could set also or instead location in Android the motion detection would be disabled far earlier.


Hi @d.ilic84,

Thank you for the reply!

We are definitely planning to implement a master switch that will enable/disable Motion Detection. With more and more users adding multiple Cameras to their system, there is definitely an increasing demand for this.

As for the geo-location however, I just can’t say it is something we might work on. Developers always aim to make as few permission requests as possible, and geo-location is a very sensitive permission to request for reasons I am sure you can imagine.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


The automatic arm / disarm is an absolute must for me. Its too fiddly to do manually and too easy to forget.
I just want a set and forget solution.

I will check back periodically and see if you put this feature on and then I can use your handy app.


Hi! Why not possible to turn on flashlight on motion detect for a 2 minutes (interval must able to set up by each user )? By own risk?


@df6e9beb71db5b582fe7 you could also try a PIR motion activated light. You could place the light near your camera device so when it is activated Alfred automatically starts recording as the change in light is registered as motion. This will also not give away the location of your camera device or the fact that it is indeed being used as a camera.


Not a bad idea! Thank you!