Suddenly I started getting 7012 error on 3 of my devices

From a few months, I started getting 7012 error on 3 of my phones.
I saw that there are other users getting the same error. Here is some info:

  • The 3 devices are on phones that were fresh install with the bare minimum to function and Alfred is the only additional app installed
  • They were working fine and suddenly started getting this error, almost at the same time
  • When I checked the phones, on the screen it was Alfred camera, but with black screen (on 3 of them).
  • I did not put Alfred to the background or press the home/power buttons.
  • When I restart the phone, it works for 6-7 hours and then the issue starts. Sometimes it gets the error after more time.
  • I have tried with various APP versions, but the issue is the same. At the moment I am using Camera Only APK (Android 4.3.3 2130).

So, Alfred, do you have a solution for that?


Mi cámara no funciona

Just had this error appear for the first time, updated all apps, tried switching off permissions to everything other than Alfred, nothing works, seems it was an issue with Alfred camera settings, we turned it from camera version 2 back to version 1 everything seems ok for the moment :+1:

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