Strong WiFi at both ends but constant very bad/dropped connection

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  1. The Gmail account you use to sign in to Alfred (Optional): [removed - don’t want this public!]

  2. App version (You can find it on the About page):4.2.2

  3. Which device has the problem (Viewer or Camera name):Viewer

  4. Description (Any screenshot or video would be very helpful): Connection constantly fluctuates but often “bad” or “very bad” or dropped.Ffibre/WiFi at home (camera on Samsung T800) is good ( ping 3-4ms, jitter 1-2ms, upload 37-46mbs, 0% loss) and at work (viewer on Samsung 9+) it’s a corporate WiFi which we would hear about if an issue, as people are working on that connection all the time. Using phone (viewer) on mobile data is not much better even when data working fine for Facebook, Chrome and other apps.

I’m relying on this app to monitor my dog for a few hours, so I know he’s not barking (or can ask him to be calm) and I don’t have my body corporate or animal control calling me with potential threats.

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Hello, usually when my service is bad I refresh internet and phones then make sure all unnecessary apps running in the back ground are turned off on the one you’re using for the camera. The phone I use has no service but email is the culpret most of the time. Little interruptions and pop ups notifications, sometimes I have to shut down the AP and restart it. Good luck hope that helps

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I seldom use my tablet (camera) for anything else these days but will try turning off all notifications.
I can’t be restarting and refreshing app all the time though as I’m not home - kind of the point of of why it’s running. It’s getting worse and worse since I started paying for the app!

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