Strange problem

Hi Alfred,

Sometimes, Alfred says me on viewer that camera phone is offline with 7007 code ( In reality, it isen’t, nothing disconnection in health check).
In this situation I restart viewer phone and I get acces to camera phone immediately.

It’s look like than the problem is about viewer?

Camera: htc 620
Viewer : iPhone SE
Both device updated.

Hi Stéphane,

Thanks for reaching out to Alfred!

You see your Camera offline when Alfred finds it difficult to build the connection between your Viewer and Camera. Mostly, 7007 indicates that there is a connectivity issue on your Camera’s end. However, if the connection is cut off while data is being transmitted to the Viewer, there could be a 7007 error, too.

Regardless of where the connection problem is, it is important that we have a stable network at both ends to ensure that Alfred can function properly.

For more info about connectivity problems, please read:

Thanks again for pointing out your inquiry! Hope this helps!