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Hello, I am concerned that in Germany the authorities photos and videos produced by Alfred are illegal. My Android is encrypted. If alfred runs, then it sends me photos and videos of events, even if I lock the Android. Can anybody still find these photos and videos on the encrypted Android, or are these completely on a secure server? And: If I delete the photos, videos and recordings from my display device, then the server and my camera have disappeared?


Hi @ipcamg42,

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We are not legal experts, so we can’t tell you what would make using Alfred (or other monitoring apps) illegal in Germany. However, we can tell you that your Events are temporarily stored on Alfred’s cloud and protected by your account. Unless someone can unlock your phone, they won’t have access to the information.

However, we would like to remind you that Alfred is not meant to be used in any way that is in breach of the local law. It is stated in our Terms of Service that “Alfred may only share your Personal Information and Content only as described in this Privacy Policy, except for when required by law or applicable authorities to release the information.”

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ok, and:
If I delete the Fotos and Vids over another Mobile or Webpage, are the Fotos and vids not more visible on the KamaraMobile, or?


Hi @ipcamg42,

Since everything is temporarily stored on Alfred’s cloud instead of the devices, once you delete a recording from one device, it’s just gone.

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Your videos are kept on Alfred’s cloud for 7 days (30 days for Premium users) before they are automatically deleted, or until they are manually deleted before the 7 days are up. However, once they are gone, there is no way to recover them.

Please save/download your videos by following the instructions here in the future:

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