Stop False Alarm Project

Hey superheroes,

We want to carry out a survey here, Have you ever received any motion detection video that was triggered by auto focus of the camera, rather than any real movement?

Here is an example:

If yes, would you please share with us the video and your phone model?
We are trying to fix the problem, and the more clues the better! You are indispensable for helping us reduce the number of false alarms!!

Than kyou

Yes one gets a few times a day in summer, or if light changes.

Being able to set an area to focus on with regards trigger area might alleviate some of the issues.


Hi @Matt_Adlard

Great to see you again. Thanks for the other post. It is priceless!!!
I kinda wanna focus on false alarm triggered by auto focus here.
Do you have a few videos to share with our developers?
That will be really really helpful! Thanks!

Hey, have a nice weekend.

Sadly one does not have a vid, what one found though was that it was being caused by a combination of distance and light flashing along the wall causing the camera to try and focus on what it saw.

I got a great one
Phone model: Amazing A5S

Ones was similar, one had a light flash across the wall it caused the camera to try and focus, this could be helped ‘maybe’ by allowing user to set trigger areas, so it an area of the camera can be ignored it may help.

I could not find this effect in my videos but I sometimes get videos where I cannot see any movement at all - perhaps it happened outside of the recording interval? (Samsung-SGH-T989)

Oh, @alexandroid
This is exactly what we are looking for!!! Thank you so much. This can help our developers improve the software and reduce false alarms.

Happy New Year

Glad to help! I suggested that the movement happened outside of the recording interval because when there is movement, it often catches the very end of it (such as a tail of a squirrel or a person exiting the field of view), so I assume the shorter the movement, the more likely it won’t be caught. Does Alfred start recording after it detects a movement, or it records all the time and then retroactively saves the recording if movement has been detected in it?

Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Hi Alex

Thanks for the question. Alfred starts recording after it detects a movement, hence the delay, but we are working on improving the algorithm and shorten the delay.

Alfred does not record all the time because that will be too much work for the CPU and battery. Does this information help?

Yes, thank you! Another offtopic example (not related to autofocus) - todays snow made the motion detection go crazy so i had to turn it off for a while -

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Ok, my other phone today produced something which may be an autofocus glitch: (xt1034, moto g 1st gen)

Oh yes!!! This is exactly what we need!!! And thank you so much for giving us the model name too. We are working on improving the autofocus thing. This is great research material.

Does this happen a lot? Like how many times a day, or a week?

Thank you

Hey @alexandroid
Did this happen after you just ended a live view session? How long apart was the video from your last live view session, if you remember?

To prevent false alarms triggered by autofocus, we only start autofocus in live view sessions, and not for motion detection in version 968. We’d love to know if this approach works.

I don’t think it was close to live session. Here is an example from this morning, so i definitely did not connect for at least 9 hours:

There is like a slow horizontal wave on all such videos, is that a compression artifact or that’s the thing triggering it? I see it on recordings from both phones. These were triggered on s2 although i dismissed them as detecting smoke (sensitivity is at Medium here):,

If I may comment on this, I haven’t seen a smoking chimney for a very long time~~ This is so adorable.

Sorry, a bit off track, I sent the videos to our CTO. He is looking into the issues.

Oh my God, I think it’s the vibrations from some notifications on that phone (Moto G). I just got an example of the video where I could hear the sound of it. I thought I disabled most of them but looks like not.

You are our superhero!!! You are our Sherlock Holmes. We never thought about this possibility!!! I am so going to edit our FAQ right now (but then, do people ever read that?).

It really helps to improve Alfred’s performance if all other apps are removed from the camera device.

Yeah… some standard apps like Gmail / Calendar / Hangouts (?) cannot be uninstalled so their settings need to be updated individually.

That is another great idea for FAQ/instructions.
For these Gmail services, we advise users not to sync data to prevent distraction.

@alexandroid, do you think this makes sense?