Still seeing ads?


I just noticed I’m still seeing ads despite having purchased the ad-removal upgrade a while back? Here’s the order confirmation:



That one you will see it always (not that particular one), but you will notice if you watch your cameras from the phone app, you don’t have adds there.


Sorry for the second post!
Under the web Browser, you can press the “X” on the adds if you have more than one and after each refresh you will end only with one on the top middle, usually that’s for information by Alfred, Updates, or other info.
The add remover after you pay is to have clear view on your cameras from the mobile device mainly (don’t member in the past there was adds at all on the web view page)


Hmm…well, I’m not really looking to stir up any trouble, but no matter how you cut it it’s still an ad (and there weren’t exactly any exclusions or disclaimers about “kinds of ads” when I paid for the ad-removal purchase). You can close regular ads too or block them, but the point of paying for it is firstly to support the devs, and secondly to not have to do so yourself.

Oh and I don’t think it’s an in-house callout, it’s actually an ad:


Hi Harrison,

The image you see is actually a tip from Alfred. Could you please try to dismiss it by tapping the “x” on the upper right corner?

We show a random tip each time you open the WebViewer to let our user know the latest special event or a useful tip from the team. We understand that you might not want to see it every time.

We will discuss this with our design team and improve the user interface accordingly. Thanks again for letting us know what you think. :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying, @ricardo! Just out of pure academic curiosity (I’m not a developer, just like to learn things), is the reason that your in-house callouts are being served through Google’s ad delivery platform for the purpose of metrics & analytics?


I was really hoping he would be answering that…
Maybe hes not educated in develiping but more like a customer service or public relations kinda bloak…