Spy on fiance when i leave the room to see why he is sneaking



I use alfred to see what my man is sneaking around doing when im not in the room. Soon as I leave him and his friends start talking when i come back its all hush hush


Ok so this is embarrassing on my boyfriend’s part but i had a feeling he would plat with my vibrators in the shower so i set up alfred in my room. Sure enough oneday he gets out the shower and walks inti the room amd places my vibrator back inside my underwear drawer. Hm. Not sure what to think


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Awesome, awesome.
I also use it to spy on others, but one’s that go into my room.


Ooooooooooooooooo[ooooooooooooo[[o[ooooooo[oooooooooool)lllllll loo m


I set mine directly facing my safe that I keep my medicine in. My younger brother has been known to come in and help himself and that puts me out of medicine before I should be.


I use Alfred to catch my stalker x-boyfriend & his minions skulking around my house.


danmm well if he grave it is for one thing lol and you knkw it


I use alfred to catch haters in the act of destruction and then i proceed to destroy them


thats right thats my way


Oh, no video though?


Ummm, well. He is most likely enjoying his prostate… Maybe he is too embarrased to get his own toys and you knowing he likes things up his rear…


I’ll talk to you if dats what you you want. Only when you in da room,:kiss::crossed_fingers:


I wish i could use this app to make some home bi,x_


We have and we’re wanting swap videos. Great fun. We have several


Mainly my wife alone but some of us and her bi.


We have vids n screen pics


For sharing security camera issues will be updating.


Dang! Now this my kinda Alfred party!


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