Spread the Love: Recommend Alfred!


It is a great app. Cab keep an eye on my dog when I am not home.


Its one of the best app that has been made for Andriod … Thank you Alfred and All the RND Teams…


Alfred is the best way thing that happened for our family. There is a feeling of security when we leave the :house:.tha k you alfred


Hi Alfred it’s. A nice software it will be more helpful if u add some more ring tones which can ring minimum 30 seconds it can help me to wake in mid night while I m sleeping :grinning:


I can feel better knowing my 95 yr old mom is being watched. Thankuou so much!


I’ve been running Alfred for about a month now and it works great! The phone for the camera is a super-old p.o.s. so once in a while it needs attention, but Alfred is really stable and dependable. More than I expected, for sure :slight_smile:


It’s awesome apps! Thanks a billion!!!


ok , i need to know if it works on old phone that is not connected to network and only if i hotspot it


Hi @grtwhtelk14,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Your Camera has to be connected to the Internet as well. It could be WiFi, mobile network, or hotspot.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for this app. I figured out who was taking my mail using this tool. Great 5 stars.


Heck with the Stars, I’d like to shake Alfred’s hand!! Anyone who says they have any major problem with this app is just being a hater. I just paid over 300 bucks not long ago for a trail camera and the only thing that it does and Alfred doesn’t is night vision and that is the shortage of the phone, not Alfred!! Love the app, it can take the place of trail cameras, security cameras, baby monitors, and probably anything else you want to replace with it lol!!!


My intercom don’t working other than that I love it


Hi @liljohn515069,

Thank you for reaching out!

Do you HOLD the microphone icon when you speak? Could you check the volume?

Let me know if this helps!


Love this app. The low light camera works way better than I thought. Motion sensor works perfectly, with a little tweaking of the sensitivity, and the flashlight and microphone make it perfect for checking in on your housebound pets.


Thank you one of the best smart camera apps.5 stars


Love to Care and to Share


I had been looking at many security cameras for a couple of weeks and not really finding anything that I was satisfied with until I stumbled upon Alfred! This app essentially gives me everything I was looking for and more!

After using this app, I can’t think of a reason to look anywhere else for an effective home video monitoring service!


Hey there Sunny,

My thoughts are with you, the Alfred family and all the people of Tiawan.

Safe journeys,



You know Alfred is great: we keep getting the most heartfelt messages from you about how helpful Alfred has been for you. Alfred is easy to set up, it allows older devices not to go to waste, and it works better than store-bought cameras from what many users have said.

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Absolute love this App… I monitor the temperature at home while I am 600 miles away… turn on the flashlight if it is dark there… Wonderful free app… cannot understand the complainers who want to have 2 viewers at once. Monitor my dog when we are away… works great.
Thanks to the Alfred programmers!