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You know Alfred is great: we keep getting the most heartfelt messages from you about how helpful Alfred has been for you. Alfred is easy to set up, it allows older devices not to go to waste, and it works better than store-bought cameras from what many users have said.

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What do you do when you love something? The most logical course of action is sharing the love! We bet your friends could use a security camera, baby cam, pet cam, or nanny cam!

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Great. App. :gift_heart::bouquet:It.however it wo
yud be Great if it workedfor reals . tried even payinf. Cant see §μ¬Г


Hey @ladyxvixen,

Thanks for joining us at Alfred Center!

Did you log in on your devices with the same Gmail? Do you get any error codes?

By the way, it’s a good idea to keep your Camera devices plugged in. Some devices essentially lose WiFi reception capacity when the power dips below a certain level.

Please keep me posted. I’d love to help you figure it out!


This is a brilliant app it’s amazing how you can be anywhere and be able to listen see and talk to the person it’s great


Hey @eddiex1285,

Thank you so much!

I hope you’ll leave Alfred a review on Google Play or App Store when you have the time!


Great App. I can’t imagine how well the pro version works… I am using the basic version and I am sooo thrilled with the performance and features. I love the Google account sync features and cloud support. I plan to upgrade to pro when I get my next paycheck. Thanks Alfred!!!


Hey @jamesgloeffler,

Thank you so much for the support! I am so thrilled to hear you love Alfred so much!!!

Alfred Premium offers ad removal as well as HD viewing/recording. If you are interested, some of our users actually provided us with comparison video clips. Take a look here:

Hope this helps! If you upgrade, let me know how it works for you!


The good Alfred is a very useful and precise app. I am very glad to use it and recomend it.


Thank you so much for this free awesome security services without you (ALFRED)I wouldn’t have what I need so I feel safe in my own home!!


Super a great app
I wish it was a little more widely used


Hey @josemaria.perezflor, @henryoldhorse420, and @steveajb53,

Thank you so much for your support! Would you please rate us on Google Play and/or App Store? We’d REALLY appreciate it!


I use this app on a daily basis and I need to say, that I’m completely blown away by the quality of this app. It’s just awesome (and completely for free ; ))!


Hey @wondercraftme,

Thank you so much for sharing! So glad to hear you are impressed with Alfred!

Would you please rate us on Google Play and/or App Store? We’d REALLY appreciate it!


Hi, tried to access your Premium site but no joy. I recommended Alfred to my brother who will try it out soon. You asked to give you 5 stars which I gladly give, apart from the adverts I sometimes look into some of them, but basically don’t need their services and at the same time knowing these Adverts subsidies your site. Thank you. Don


Hi @donaldsneddon7,

Thank you so much for the support and recommendation!

We know that ads are annoying, but they have provided Alfred with the must-needed means for sustainable development. If you have considered upgrading to Alfred Premium, did you have trouble doing that? If that’s the case, please let me know. I’ll look into it for you!


Pertama saya mengucapkan terimakasih yang tak terhingga atas semua pelayanan profesional yang diberikan Alfred kapada saya.

aplikasi ini sangat sederhana, murah… namun cara kerjanya sungguh membuat saya kagum, sangat canggih !!

saya yakin anda pasti memerlukan Alfred, karena banyak hal yang jauh dari anda, yang harus anda ketahui saat itu juga tanpa mengganggu aktifitas.

semoga Alfred makin berkembang dengan ide ide briliansnya.



This app work almost as good as described only better!
Thanks Alfred!


I don’t need any help to tell you that Alfred is the best thing that ever happened this system is just like any camera system that you spend thousands of dollars on save your money and get Alfred all you need is 2 old phones that’s not in use or that you do use down load alfred hook both phone’s up to alfred one for monitor and the other for camera the camera has to be on WiFi at all times and you can take your phone anywhere and see what ever you have your camera on and your done trust me you will love it


Love this app. Saved us seniors allot of time and money. Great app. Works great. Easy enough even for not so savvy internet folks. Thank you!!


The wife and I are shift workers, we’re both on call 24/7 and thanks to Alfred we can keep an eye on the dogs and house with the use of an old unused cell phone. Best ap ever !