Sound detector



I had high hopes for using this app with my video entryphone (interphone).

The problem is that I’m working in a loud separate room and I cannot hear it. So I’m using an old phone to record the movement but … the screen of my interphone is lighting up slowly and there isn’t any motion detected.

The interphone also rings so I would use a sound activated alarm for this app.

This way your app alerts my S9+ that is sending me an alert on my Samsung watch and this way I know someone is at the door.

Thank you!


@emilianepure you could try something like this.

Phone positioning



Hi Emilian,

Thanks for joining us and sharing your thoughts here at Alfred Center!

We do have considered developing this feature, but each of our versions includes a couple of new features, optimizations, and also some bugs to deal with. This is why we can’t give you the exact timeline.

However, if you are willing to provide more of your thoughts, we will certainly share them with the engineering team. Please stay tuned to future updates. Thank you!