Sound detection will be sweet


Love the app but just a suggestion…
have a option to enable sound detection with notifications.
Will gladly pay for a version with no adds.

Using the app as a sound recording device only


yes, without sounddetection this app is not useful as babyphone.


I agree sound detection is a necessity to round out alfreds security features. It would be extremely useful in a fire scenario where a smoke alarm will likely sound before any motion is detected by the camera. Please add this feature. As the other users stated I am willing to buy an upgraded version to get this feature.
Thank you


I concur - sound detection will be extremely helpful!
Is this still under development?


Hi @galhub,

Thank you for reaching out!

Sound detection is something we may develop in the future. Please stay tuned!


I concur that sound level detection would be quite beneficial.

My use case is monitoring a foster dog in a crate. The idea is to be able to determine the level of stress the dog is going through, which can come in the form of a lot of crying, but not necessarily moving around, which may not trigger a motion detection.


I will probably be going to another app which has sound detection…


Exactly the same here. I’m using it to monitor my new dog, who is left alone during the day and I need to see if he barks. Sound detection would be great. I’d happily pay for he premium version.


So Renee, is sound detection currently in development? Your flow chart implies it is/was 3 years ago. Any news on this feature? I would gladly help with any beta testing you may want volunteers for testing purposes.