Sound detection and night vision improvement

Hello, I’m testing various apps to decide in which I’ll go premium. The stability and easy to use concept of Alfred is great, bilut two things are lacking: first and foremost, to property work as a baby monitor, it would be indispensable the sound detection, something that other apps have, but Alfred doesn’t. The auto record only works with motion, however, most of the time the baby wakes up crying and it’s not possible to get the warning from Alfred because it only has motion detection and most of the time there’s no motion. And finally, the night vision mod ein Alfred is awful, specially when comparison to other apps. Any chances these points have any improvement?

I have been complaining to Alfred for years on this issue unfortunately.

My cameras (all 4) stop recording, motion detection or anything at a precise time! I have extra lighting and it does not even pick up these lights when triggered. Alfred is amazing when it works, however support is limited and I am also looking for a better app.