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I want to know if I can set a sound alarm on my android phone to inform me if someone has entered my home. Simple but I don’t know how to set it up.

You can enable notifications. It will not tell you someone has entered your home but it will notify you of motion detection. It’s in settings.

Thanks I know that but it’s not enough!

Okay what have you done so far and what is not happening ? You need to enable motion detection on the camera side and notification on the viewer side.

People keep telling me the same thing of which i know and have done! But it is pointless if i am away from home and much later i find out my home has been burgled. We need , i need a familiar sound that i designate to ring/vibrate if my home is being burgled! Does this make any sense to you?

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Alfred can NOT tell you what’s happening just that motion has been detected.

Ahhh. But you you point the device at the point of entry to the home… it will tell you something has moved and if nothing should have moved then in a round about way… it will tell him someone has entered his abode.

You can go into Alfred CameraApp Settings, scroll down to Notifications and in there you can change the sound and (depending on phone age and Android version) vibration.

No it has to be a sound alarm that will notify me when someone else has been in my home when I’m away!

If you are running Android 8.0 or higher, check this thread here on the forums for how to setup a different sound for Alfred. It works, because I have my own sound I set to alert me if my door opens while I am gone.

If you are saying you want it to KNOW someone that is not you has entered when you are away… I am afraid there is NO AI in this world complex enough to do that… not even Googles (creepy as all hell) Deep Mind.

Thanks Jake. I was struggling to answer that as I came to the same conclusion as you, so I don’t bother.

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That is when I get to use my word smithing… lol.

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