Sound Activation



I am getting quite a few motion detections on two cameras i have operating. There is no movement so i assume that sound is triggering them.

Does sound trigger the motion detection? Can the sensitivity if not sound be turned down a touch?

Also i am interested in going advert free. Is the £5 charge per month?


PS all tests passed prior to setup. Setup is working well and as required. Great App.


Hi @Terry_Deane

Welcome to Alfred Center!!!
Right now sound detection is under development, so I don’t think your motion detection was triggered by sound. I think it is likely to be triggered by auto focus. Would you mind sharing with us a few videos? They can help us identify and solve the problem sooner.

We are so happy to hear that you are interested in the upgrade. The £5 is one-off. It removes all advertisements on all of your devices under your account. Thank you for the support!!

Come back often!



First of all, I find Alfred Camera to be very useful to have an eye on our dog when we are away. Since we live in an apartment building, we have to watch out for our neighbors.

In this context, we also may need to provide evidence about his behavior, especially concerning the noise he makes, since his silent moving from one place to another doesn’t bother anyone.

Therefore it would be more unsefull, if the camera could be activated by noise detection rather than by detecting movement. Since our dog might howl or make other noises when he is out of site or within site but without detectable movements.

In conclusion we would highly appreciate a sound activation of the camera.

Thanks a lot in advance…


Hi Tugberk,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center and providing your feedback!

For the feature you mentioned, it’s temporarily called Sound Detection. That is something we plan to do in the near future. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!



I have the same problem as, I use this app to watch out my dog because he use to bay at the moon. So a Sound Detection will be perfect. Can you tell me when this update will be available ?


@sophiecosta1 I believe I am right in saying that sound detection is on the Alfred to do list.


I need sound detection too. I want to monitor my 3D printer and be notified, when the smoke alarm goes on.