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Anyone familiar with this being on there feed screen?


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These issues happen from time to time but I have seen an increase in these issues lately. You can either persevere or sell your old phones and invest in a proper IP camera which are a lot less hassle.

Thx for yur response. Problem is i couldnt find this issue in archives. Developer should have responded, since this might be someone running a feed recording what i can see. Ive been using this app for a couple years this is new to me. Considering what ive been experiencing. U have a recommendation for a hassle free setup? Thx in advance. Oh and WPA2 not that secure as the say. Ive seen it bypassed followed by a “man in the middle” protocol being used through a cellphone to offline alfred.

All security can be breached. Just got to do the best you can and be constantly on your guard. As for recommending an alternative I can not as I don’t want to be accused of spamming but I would highly recommend a proper IP camera as a backup. Also when setting up any cameras my advice is don’t put it where you wouldn’t like any one else to see. I have no cameras in living spaces just by entries, all very boring for any would be prying eyes. Keep us updated.

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