Solve WebViewer login problems: unblock third-party cookies

One of the reasons that could lead to WebViewer login problems is third-party cookies have been disabled. To see your Alfred Camera on PC, unblock third-party cookies by following the instructions here.

1. Unblock third-party cookies in Chrome

1. Click on the menu on the upper right corner and choose Settings:

2. Drag down to find Advanced:

3. Find Content settings:

4. Find “Cookies:”

5. Make sure Cookies have been allowed and third-party cookies are not blocked:

2. Unblock third-party cookies in Firefox

1. Click on Preferences:

2. Go to Privacy & SecurityBrowser PrivacyHistory, and make sure Firefox will Use custom settings for history:

3. Make sure Firefox will Accept cookies from websites, accept third-party cookies, and keep until they expire:

If the problem persists, please refresh the webpage or relaunch your browser.