Solve Disconnection/Login Problems on Devices Running Android 4.0.x

It has come to our attention that Alfred experiences numerous disconnection/login issues after Google Play Services are automatically updated to 10.2.98 on devices running 4.0.x. If this is what you are experiencing, there is a simple solution!

On your Camera device, tap the three dots on the bottom right, choose “Account,” and confirm that you want to log out. Once you go back to the login screen, instead of tapping on the blue button, tap on “Doesn’t work? Try this.

Give this a go and let us know if it helps!

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It won’t let me even sign in or out. The google sign in page is blinking and going crazy

Hi @dayna767,

Thank you for reaching out.

Could you go to General – Settings – Apps – Alfred, and clear data? You should be signed out afterwards so you can give this a go.

Please keep me posted!

Hey, am I fully upgraded to the right place?
I mean, do I have all my own tools and equipment to do the same thing as a premium member?
Am I fully upgraded? :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hi Brent,

According to our logs, this account has been upgraded to Alfred Premium successfully. For premium users, Alfred provides HD viewing/recording, ad-removal, 30-day Event storage, Motion Detection Schedule, Motion Events up to 120-sec long, as well as Zoom!

We hope you enjoy Alfred Premium as much as we do. :slight_smile: