Solve Alfred's WebViewer Black Screen Problem!



Does using Firefox actually make Alfred better? I downloaded chrome beta and regular chrome with HD features added to it. I’m a beta tester, so I get all the latest upgrades. But I don’t know anything about Firefox. Can you tell me a little bit more about these kind of features or applications?


is there something like a link or a button I can press to make Alfred easier to use? I find it difficult to download anything or any kind of update features upgrades and what not. Can you please provide me something that is easier for me to use this feature or Alfred? My email addresses Brent William Todd 69 at


Hi Brent,

Could you please tell me more specifically which feature you want to make use of?


Make sure TIME/DATE is set correctly on ALL DEVICES.


yeah I also had this problem with the black stuff because I thought goes for coming out of everywhere or either somebody was walking into my room and when they’re really wasn’t anybody walk in my room at all anyways things guys