Solar panel to get autononus power for the camera


Im playing with a solar panel of 10wat to feed the camera conected to a 10A 12v battery. Dosomeone has experiency in this issue…thanks


Totally!!! We have a group of super geniuses here.


The power needed is between 2 and 3 w, aprox, depends of the signal power, less signal power more battery needed.

With 3w we need a battery for one day of 3wx24h: 72w , a 5v power battery for phones would need 72w/5v: 14,4 A and of course a solar panel of more power, those small amazon batteries can not support these requeriments.

For autonomus power is better have 2 o 3 days for cloudy days.


This is something one has looked at and an interesting one as the concept can be used to allow a phone to be set up in remote areas and act as ongoing constant security, like off site, Farms, remote places.

Would allow Alfred to market to those demographics.


Now its working… 10w 12v solar panel with 10A battery and a controler with usb output works fine…all that cost 100euros in a kit