Skipping (jumping time) and buffering

Since this last upgrade my camera device has been buffering and skipping or freezing rather, what’s up with that?, I’ve never had that issue before.

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Thanks for reporting the issue!

Here are the trouble-shooting steps you can try:

1.​ Make sure you have updated​ Alfred to the latest version​ on every device​. Alfred runs best when all devices run the same version.
2. Clear the cache and data of Alfred (How to Give Alfred a Fresh Start)
3. Turn WiFi off and back on again on the device.
4. Make sure the date and time are correct.
5. Reboot the device.
6. Launch Google on PC > log in to your account > choose My Account > Sign-in & Security > App with account access > Tap on Manage Apps > find Alfred, and choose REMOVE ACCESS.
※After disconnecting the app from google account, you will be asked to give permissions when you launch Alfred again. Grant them and you should be able to sign in.

The issue should be fixed afterward.

Let us know if this helps!

Y’all say the same thing Everytime ad if I haven’t already don’t those steps mentioned above, this problem is getting bothersome! If it’s not freezing or skipping then its my camera won’t wake up when I know full well that it has full wifi signal and the battery is fully charged! This is the main camera I need to be working at ALL times! I am a paying customer and things seem to have gotten worse since I started paying and this latest update, thinking about switching to another app if this problem isint resolved ASAP!


I’m sorry to hear that the issue persists. I took a look at the logs and it seems that your Cameras tend to run on battery. Devices running on battery often enable system power-saving mode and reduce WiFi reception capacity. To ensure continuous surveillance, I suggest you keep your Camera plugged in.

If you still need help, please take a screenshot or video of what you see on the Viewer so that I can look into it further for you.