Sinking battery


Battery has been slowly draining over the last few days since I updated Alfred so earlier I disabled the camera from within the viewer for a minute then re-enabled it. Since then the charge is going in the right direction. Result.

Hope this helps anyone with the same issue.


Odd issue Pinky…
Actually I was very interested in your wifi stats. Alfred often states my bird nest phone goes offline, but my stats look as good as yours!

Glad you got it sorted, still odd though



Hey Chippy, nice to see you frequenting the forum, I’m still fighting the losing battle but I’m fairly resilient. My stats don’t mean a lot to me as my phone and WiFi are stationary ?
Kind regards.


Pinky. I can tell you. It’s a real pain in the backside taking off and having to sign in to Google then Alfred. :grin:


@chipfryer it’s always a good day to know that you are still frequenting this infamous forum.
Kind regards.


you should do these4 things to reduce power drain/sinking battery


@corgllc1 thanks for the link I have already implemented most of those suggestions and more ( custom ROM ) the surprising thing was that airplane mode drained my battery quicker as I have previously reported on this forum. I’m sure this link could help many people and you should post it in a thread of it’s own.