Simultaneous use of front and rear cameras

I think the title explains my wish…

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This option is not available for Android or wasn’t, this is or was due to the Android operating system itself. Not sure if this has changed recently with the latest release or if Huawei’s own OS will make this option available.

Oh good to know… Thank you.

Sounds like an opportunity to develop a 3rd party app before the operating systems make it a possibility.

So as of this post I hereby deam the idea for the ability to simultaneously use both front and rear facing cameras on any cell phone operating systems my idea. Any further development of this idea shall be Consensual with myself or legal repercussions can be pursued.

It’s actually down to the hardware having only one GPU for processing and the security features built in to Android (don’t know about iOS) apparently some premium models are able to achieve this using the manufacturers proprietor software.