Show me: How did you securely attach your camera phone?

I’ve been using Alfred for a while now but have just moved everything around because it no longer works well with my ipad. I’m trying to figure out a good way to rest / hang / otherwise set up an old phone in the corner of a window, in a way that’s secure (won’t move around if a cat knocks it etc), won’t overheat (so don’t want to enclose it in anything without airflow) and isn’t too obvious.
I tried various things with string but smart phones are always so smooth, it slips off.
I considered using a plastic casing but it seems like it’d overheat.
I can put hooks up around the window, but that doesn’t seem sturdy and it can still move too much.
Any ideas? Has anyone else set up a camera that isn’t just resting somewhere easy? I’d love to see what others have done!

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Good idea attaching it without the battery! So far I have it on a timer and moved it away from the afternoon sun so I’m not as worried about that side of things anymore :slight_smile:

No photo, but it’s in the top corner of a window, with only the frame to attach it to - steel frame mostly but wooden at the top so I can put hooks etc there.

After a lot of playing around I have a phone case on it which means I had holes etc to thread string through, and it’s well wrapped, hanging from a hook. It means I can’t easily adjust where it’s directed - it hangs where it hangs with very little I can do to change it, and if a window is open it moves around in the wind. I did have an idea to turn a tissue box into a more secure camera box, that could easily be held up with pins / nails / hooks etc and should be more stable, but I’m not really great with figuring out the logistics of making a thing for the right angles or usability!


Modify your phone to use without battery, or put your phone on a timer plug

This is how I have my cameras hooked up so I don’t have to worry about battery explosions.
(You get away with a fire hazard, right up until the house burns down!!!)

  • Splice your phone charging cord or USB charging cord.
  • Using battery match up and find which connectors on your phone are + & - terminals.
  • Hook up + & - of USB cord/charger to the + & - terminals of phone correctly
    (Phone will work w/out batt).
    • Only downside is you need to turn cameras back on after a power outage.
      You could leave battery in with this config if you phone doesn’t charge through the phone port as well.

One idea off the top of my head is hang a picture in the window, and secure the phone to the back of the picture after making a peep hole in the picture.

I’ll get back to you in this post regarding best positioning technique for you, once I figure something out. Could you take a picture of the area in question where the phone would be approx when in position of are being recorded.

  • Screw a pop bottle cap to top wood frame
  • Cut out back of pop bottle to make an opening to get Camera in
  • Screw pop bottle to cap, place phone inside pop bottle
  • Rest camera at slight angle or straight up, rotate camera with slight twist
  • Once positioned correctly, unscrew setup and give cap a a good screw down
  • Re screw pop bottle, and re-position camera

If you say the frame is steel, you could also use Magnets to hang things. I have a big steel security door and I hang drapes with magnets at the top, and hang a phone from behind



I love that idea! I’d cut a bunch of holes for air flow and so it doesn’t act like a glass house heating up :smiley: And one for the camera lens so it’s not looking through too many layers. That’s quite clever! Thanks :slight_smile:


Gaff Tape.Boom, Done :smile: :


Should just be a big rectangle cut out the back and you enhanced the idea by cutting out a viewing window (top notch idea). Not sure what the many air holes are for. Should be a viewing window rectangle in front and big rectangle in back to insert phone. There would be TONS of airflow, Anyways glad you like the idea.

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It’s still Summer here and the room it’s in gets really hot so more airflow is a good thing! I’ll make it more of a support with as little plastic left as possible :wink:


That’s what I was getting at, post your work after.


Thanks for sharing your ideas with us here!

Many users have also shared their very creative setups to camouflage the device with us. Perhaps you can find some inspiration here:

Some neat ideas there Ricardo, thanks. Some I’ve already tried - hooks + hair ties was a fail (I must need stronger hooks - mine overheated and came unstuck. This place gets really hot in Summer!). Toilet rolls weren’t stable at all, though they managed for a while with a phone they couldn’t handle the weight of the old ipad at all (not too surprising!). I’ll try a plastic bottle as suggested above, as soon as I get my hands on an empty one :smiley: Or any other plastic packaging I suppose!

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Any form of container if your gonna cut it all up anyways. Margarine container, Juice jug, Empty used motor oil jug, Big ass Tupperware container for tablets, lol, etc…

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Don’t be trying to steal my thunder Ricky… lol, jk. Great post, was actually looking for it and couldn’t locate it.

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