Show IP number for Camera Phone


I think, it would be a good idea to display a current IP number for each camera phone. The best is to have the IP number displayed locally on the locked screen of each camera phone and remotely trough the Viewer. It will be much easier to separate local network WIFI connectivity problem vs Alfred connectivity issues by just “pinging” camera phone in question over the local Wi-Fi network.
It should help Alfred users to validate their local Wi-Fi network health before contacting Alfred support.



Thanks for providing the idea!

For the moment, you can run a camera health check to find out your connectivity status:

The yellow part indicates that your Camera gets disconnected a couple of times which might be an issue on your WiFi network.

Also, you can try to walk around at home with Wifi Analyzer app, so that you can set Alfred up where the signal is stronger.

We will look into the idea of providing more connection stats in the app so our users can identify connectivity issue sooner. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Yes, and some are very bad, some are very good.

Give more data (( IP address or SSID )), so I know what may be the cause on my network.