Show 3 seconds before motion detection video trigger



It would be nice if motion detection would show 3 seconds of video prior to being triggered, as often the crucial action is what triggers the motion detection to start recording, but by the time it starts the action is over.


Hi James,

Thank you for making a wish here!

The feature you mentioned has actually been one of the biggest improvement of our newest iOS version. You will be able to see the optimization of pre-buffering recording if you have an iOS device. (2 seconds before the recording is triggered by motion)

For Android devices, since there are many brands and models to test, our engineering team is currently working hard on it. We will bring this improvement to our Android version as soon as possible.

Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Si es verdad, yo ya mande correos para ver si pueden corregir ese error de deteccion, ademas tambien les dije q el zoom para una mirilla de puerta es muy poco zoom y aver si oueden darle un poco mas de zoom , y luego otro problema q encuentro en la deteccion de movimiento es q si salen nubes o sol la camara lo detecta y no deberia ser asi ya q cada vez q se oscurece un poco o aclarece salta la deteccion , aver si lo mejoran ya q la app esta para darle 10 estrellas