Should I Leave Charger Plugged into the Live Camera phone


Since I monitor my kitchen while the caregiver is here 5 to 6 hours, I leave the charger plugged in unti after she leaves. Is it hurting the battery if battery is left on charger after it has reached 100%? I like Alfred for monitoring my personal caregiver who claims she is not on the phone when I call her and she does not hear me and to see who is breaking my belongings in the kitchen. I also monitor anyone coming into my home through the back door when I am not home.

I use an LG android, Iphone or laptop to view Alfred. But Alfred disconnects constantly on the laptop.


It think the best way is to leave charger on.


I have left two phones always charging for over a year with no issues. Currently only using one for Alfred atm but will add the second one back soon.



Regarding the issue, we suggest you…

  1. Use charging accessories from the original manufacturers.
  2. Use a charger with timer.
  3. Unplug the device for a couple of hours a day if you can.
  4. When you don’t need Motion Detection, disable the Camera device from your Viewer device with Alfred’s Remote Switch:
    Save Data & Energy with Alfred's Remote Switch!

We are glad to hear that Alfred helps! Let us know if you need further assistance.