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I paid to have it done it says that my camera cannot zoom in why can I not watch one of them pay for why can’t I have zoom I paid for it I deserve it


Voice texting I’m sorry I paid to have premium upgrade on my phone on Alfred home security camera after I pay for it it’s telling me June cannot be done on my camera so what’s the problem I paid for it I should have it this is really disgusting and heartbreaking I went through a lot to get this done cuz I don’t have the funds for it


Make sure on the camera settings the Resolution is set to “Default”. I could not zoom once I changed it. This is done on the camera phone, not remotely.


Primeramente, quiero decir que Alfred es, sin lugar a dudas, una excelente aplicación para revivir nuestros viejos dispositivos Android.

Dicho lo anterior, estoy convencido que la opción de Zoom es por demás, excelente, ya que nos permite tener un acercamiento o alejamiento de la toma que estamos viendo.

¡Felicitaciones y mi agradecimiento por permitirme convertir mi viejo móvil en una cámara de vigilancia!


I’ve had the same issue since upgrading a couple days ago. I also have one camera that occasionally will disconnect since upgrading. Hope they find the problem.


It let me zoom in the back cameras but not the front, , but I would like to ask this question if anybody would please answer it. The screen where you want to zoom in on capitalize okay can you zoom in even more than that or man says 2.50 can you go more then and if you can how?


Sorry I was voice texting what I’m saying is can you zoom in even more than after using in the first time how high can you go and if you can how do I do it


It will zoom to the max of the camera… my Moto G (2015) zooms to 2.0 but the older phone I used before couldn’t even zoom.

It will only go from regular view to max zoom. It does not go from 1.0 to 1.5 to 2.0 only from 1.0 to 2.0 or whatever your camera phone can do.


I got it now , but as I said only on the back cameras , I think the front the resulition is to low, zoom is ok but nothing as Alfred claimed it to be, now if you could control how much zoom you wanted it would be AWSOME!!


Over all the app is wonderful great outstanding they just need to tinkle with a few things and get it straight special Zoom if you can zoom from one to say 500 and you choose what you want in between be awesome



Best regards.

My question is this: Why the zoom only works on the webviewer and not on the cell phone. When I try to use it on the phone it tells me that it is only for the Premium version.

Thank you very much for your help.


Ok rất có ít và tiện lợi tôi rất thích


Hi @hugom57,

Thank you for reaching out!

The “Zoom” you use on Webviewer is simply enlarging the pixel and works differently with the feature Alfred offer for Premium users. You can check out more information about Zoom below:

Hope it helps!


I have a cheap ZTE phone i bought for $40 around 3 years ago it was extremely easy to hook up. Once i upgraded to paid monthly app the zoom feature instantly worked exactly as described. I am surprised at how many people ask about things that are clearly explained in the instructions lol.


Would be nice if I could zoom in and out by “pinching” the screen.


I really like the zoom. It will come in handy to see who it is on it. Thank you very much.


I have a premium account but my zoom doesn’t work


@emilianoselena08 what phone, OS, network ect.


Hi. Glad to hear there is Zoom available. Do you know if zoom will be available soon for IOS?


Great news: after a lot of hard work, Zoom will soon be available on Alfred’s iOS version as an Alfred Premium feature! Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!